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Dear JV Partner,

Oli Fischer here and briefly, I’d like to invite you to a launch that will put some of the highest, easiest commissions in your pocket yet.

I learned early on that the only way to go is to treat affiliates as my best customers, friends and business partners, I go the extra mile so that you earn a higher commission.

So simply, I pay better. Put your needs first. And cram quality and value into my products so you in turn look like a star to your list.

At a refund rate of less than 5% it's clear that our customers are massively satisfied and consume and keep our high quality content.

You may ask how I can keep such a high commission percentage and high EPCs and payouts. Well, the team has been building up a BRAND NEW funnel, one that:

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  • FE is 75% commission $27

With some of the best copy we’ve yet put together, expect well over $1 EPCs on the front end.

  • OTO 1: $19.95 at 75%
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Meaning you stand to cash in as much as $210 PER CLICK and you keep all the money!

A number of affiliates have let us know they like the chance to earn higher commissions so we’ve packed in the value, made this a premium package and set up some of the best copy going to make this convert as well as any free plus shipping offer out there!

Of course on top of your regular earnings we’ve got a bonus pool to reward anyone that really wants to run with this check out the JV page as we have over $30,000 up for Grabs.

Of course we’ll be over-delivering with bonuses, my personal black book resource guide and much more so don’t be surprised when people actually THANK YOU for recommending this…

For a launch that can potentially mean so much to your bottom line, it’s understandable that some may choose to promote over several days.

We’ve got you covered there as well, and will be updating the JV Page with numerous pre-sell, promotional and re-send swipes for you to just lock and load.

In closing, I’d like to thank you AGAIN for promoting for us in the past. And for your feedback.

As you can see, we’ve listened and have put everything into making this one of your most successful promotions to date.


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Email Template #1
Subject Line: DHS & FEMA Coming For Your Supplies...

Dear Patriot,

This is hugely time sensitive and something you NEED to take
action on right now …

=> EXPOSED: DHS & FEMA Coming For Your Food Supply

As of right now, the powers that be in Government are trying
to pass another Monsanto Executive Order which allows DHS
and FEMA to legally take your food supplies.

There is only one real way to stop this from happening…

...Some are calling it an “Automated Micro-Farm.”

Click Here To See What It Is

Don’t let FEMA, DHS, or Monsanto control you and your
family’s food supply.

Email Template #2
Subj Line: Gardens to become ILLEGAL?

A major scandal just broke...

President Obama recently signed a law that gives
greedy food conglomerates unprecedented control
over the US food supply.

I strongly urge YOU to watch this immediately

This will prove disastrous for thousands of American

But it's nearly impossible to avoid it, because this
food is in every grocery store in America... even the
organic ones...

Most developed countries have banned this junk, but
not the US.

After 8 years of exhaustive research, an ex-World
Bank insider has developed the perfect solution...
an organic “food stockpile” that no one can ever

Some are calling it an “Automated Micro-Farm.”

Click Here To See What It Is

Email Template #3
Subj Line: Your groceries worse than cigarettes?

This food is worse than smoking?

Did you know that according to a top research university, an
ingredient found in most grocery store produce has been
connected with cancer... and may cause “aggressive tumors”
as a result of prolonged exposure?

Think about that...

Nearly every other first world country has banned this type
of food. They won’t even let US ships carrying this produce
enter their ports...

Yet I’d bet not one in 1,000 people knows what this key
difference is.

Chances are high that this stuff is in your fridge right now.
It was in mine, too. Until I came across the research you’re
about to see.

Click here to find out

Email Template #4
Subj Line: Obama signs death warrant for families...

There’s a treasonous, hushed-up conspiracy being carried out
right now that may wipe out Millions of American families.

The media has been threatened not to report anything about it.

But at this very moment, the final part of this sinister agenda is
being carried out...

...In the form of a Presidential Directive that obliterates the
US Constitution.

>> Click Here Before The Government Bans This Video <<

This leaked information tells us EXACTLY how President
Obama plans to "use the military against citizens," in the
words of The Washington Times.

You'll understand everything once you click the link below.

>> Click Here Before The Video Is Taken Down <<


P.S. More than 12,342 Americans have watched the video.

It will not be long before Big Government snoops discover
that their sensitive information has been leaked and send
their hackers to take down the site.

>> Click Here Before The Video Is Taken Down <<

Email Template #5
Subject: URGENT: Warning…

Dear Patriot,

Better brace yourself...

Because a massive public health scandal is breaking...

Recent revelations have exposed a conspiracy between
the U.S. government and some of the biggest food producers.

FDA & USDA officials have been getting paid off to turn
a blind eye to the poisons that are being intentionally placed
within the food in your refrigerator right now…

You won't believe what this USDA inspector says you're eating now;

USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service, the inspector recalls
being told by an older colleague: “It’s not whether or not
people are going to eat feces — they are. It’s just how much.”

If you're a brain dead Obama cheerleader -- do not watch
this presentation.

Many gullible Americans will refuse to believe what Obama has done to our food supply.

Could this be the reason the American life expectancy is the shortest in the developed world?

CLICK HERE for the shocking story.

Fair warning… what you're about to see might turn your stomach.

Yours in Liberty,
Oli Fischer

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