The CHALLENGE we face

Aproximately 72% of the world is covered with water. Of that, only about 2% of that water is drinkable. 2/3rds of that 2% is locked away in the ice caps of Greenland and Antartica. Staggeringly, 70% of all freshwater available for use, is used by humans to irrigate crops and in the raising of animals.

Nearly 1 BILLION people worldwide struggle with severe hunger and poverty. In developing countries it is mainly the local family farmer who is responsible for generating what food is available.

The world’s population is expected to grow to 9.7 billion, by the year 2050.

Aquaponics uses up to 90% less water than traditional food growing endeavors and in addition provides plants and fish protein in a fully circled ecosytem. Using Aquapponics in conjunction with other clean food growing methods on a small footprint, is our mission. This enables people to feed their families through several approaches, which exponentially increases the chances of sustainable food production.

A Word from Arturo

arturo Unlike other forms of food production, Aquaponics offers the potential for growing food just about anywhere on the planet, without the need for vast amounts of land and water.

While this approach is exciting, it lacks the security of “backup and redundancy”.

The International Center of Aquaponics and Family Farming (ICAFF) is a non-profit organization that teaches families around the world the principles of “TransFarming” which transforms the traditional way of thinking about personal food production with those which are more realistic for our times

I invite you to explore our website and see the wonderful, world-changing activities in which we are involved. Then consider joining us in our efforts.

Thanks y’all,

Arturo Arredondo

ICAFF 2014 Project Calendar at a Glance

Rooftop Aquaponic Development
Havana, Cuba
TransFarm #1 Transfer
Central Texas
Corazon Grande Orphanage
Reynosa, Mexico
Pan de Vida Children’s Home
Sandoval, Mexico
Crimson Outreach
La Ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras
Family Gardening Initiative
San Jose Villanueva, El Salvador
Aquaponic and Business Seminar
Istanbul, Turkey
Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders Summer Camp
Austin, Texas
Aquaponic Development
Puerto Morelos, Mexico
Haus Bar Urban Farm Tour
Austin, Texas
MaBarra Aquaponic Project
Kenya, Africa
Pan de Vida Children’s Home
Sandoval, Mexico
Casa Hogar Corazon Grande
Reynosa, Mexico
Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders Urban Farm Tour
Austin, Texas
Twin Lakes Training
Center Austin, Texas